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Emotion classification featured image


pip install simpletransfomers
    bearer_token: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

emotion classification data head

Data frame

Class distribution

Class distribution

Preprocessed dataframe

Preprocessed dataframe

from simpletransformers.classification import ClassificationModel, ClassificationArgs

model_args = ClassificationArgs()
model_args.num_train_epochs = 4
model_args.reprocess_input_data = True
model_args.save_best_model = True
model_args.save_optimizer_and_scheduler = False
model_args.overwrite_output_dir = True
model_args.manual_seed = 4
model_args.use_multiprocessing = True
model_args.train_batch_size = 16
model_args.eval_batch_size = 8
model_args.max_seq_length = 64

model = ClassificationModel("xlnet", 
def create_twitter_url(handle, max_results):

    mrf = "max_results={}".format(max_results)
    q = "query=from:{}".format(handle)
    url = "{}&{}".format(
        mrf, q
    return url
def process_yaml():
  with open("keys.yaml") as file:
    return yaml.safe_load(file)
def create_bearer_token(data):
    return data["search_tweets_api"]["bearer_token"]
def twitter_auth_and_connect(bearer_token, url):
    headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer {}".format(bearer_token)}
    response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers)
    return response.json()

url = create_twitter_url('user',10)
data = process_yaml()
bearer_token = create_bearer_token(data)

response = twitter_auth_and_connect(bearer_token, url)
text_list = [x['text'] for x in response['data']]
cleaned_text = [re.findall(regex, x)[0] for x in text_list]
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Emotion counts of those famous social media chains

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