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AVBytes: AI & ML Developments this week – Comet.ml for ML Models, TensorFlow.js, a Python ANN Visualizer, etc.

We continue to bring you the biggest and most important developments in the ML world on AVBytes. We keep you updated so you can modify your skillset accordingly and keep yourself relevant in this ever-changing field.

In this past week, we covered TensorFlow.js being launched, Comet.ml for sharing and tracking all aspects of your ML model, DeepMind’s latest research using neural networks, a python library that can block out entire people and objects in images, among other developments.

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Below is a round-up of all the happenings in the last week. Click on each title to read the full article.

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The above AVBytes were published from 2nd to 8th April, 2018.

Also, check out our coverage of all the sessions that happened at the TensorFlow Developer Summit last week!

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