Hackathon Problem Description: Do you know who’s a Megastar?

avcontentteam 26 Aug, 2021
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Predict the category of a working professional

Welcome to the final stage of this contest. If you have reached till here, we assume either you love Analytics¬†or Amazon ūüėČ , whichever way it is, go ahead and show what you’ve got. Just remember, either you will win or you will learn.

This hackathon has been designed to help you practice and evaluate your analytics learning and gift yourself the Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 5000(~$100). We have made sure that the difficulty level of this dataset is lower than kaggle, yet challenging. Because, you love challenges. Right?


The Dataset

Link:  Dataset

Objective: The objective of this dataset is to predict the correct category of the working professionals in India.

Description: The dataset shows the data of 16,611 working professionals in India. These working professionals belong to various categories (Rookie, Champion, Rising Star, Star, Rock Star and Mega Star) . The dataset has been divided into 2 parts: Training(9,887) and Test(6,724) Dataset. Categories of working professionals are given in training dataset. You have to predict the categories of professionals in the test dataset. Below is  data dictionary to help you understand the variables.

Variable Definition
Var1 ID
Var2, Var3 & Var4 Categorical Variable with various levels
Vintage Year and Months of Experience
UG_Education Under Graduation Education Type
UG_College Under Graduation College
PG_Education Post Graduation Education Type
PG_College Post Graduation College
Skills Skillset given
Domain Currently Working with which domain
Category It is an outcome variable which category he/she belongs

Important Details


Complete rules can be found here

avcontentteam 26 Aug, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

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